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VB Converter, Java Edition

(formerly called Applet Designer)

VB Generates Java Code... Automatically! 

VB Converter add-in is specifically designed for organizations wanting to convert entire VB applications to Java. 

VB Converter eliminates the need to rewrite Visual Basic applications in Java, providing organizations

  1. Immediate enhanced security and universal database access for their VB applications,
  2. Elimination of scalability problems inherent with Visual Basic and
  3. Greatly reduced cost of application deployment and maintenance. Check out the cost justification wizard.

VB Converter installs with jADO (a Java implementation of Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects). The VB Converter toolbar seamlessly integrates with the Visual Basic development environment for enhanced control. 

VB Converter includes support for MDI (Multiple Document Interface), User Defined Types, the VB and VBA constants, and additional controls featuring the SSTab, TreeView, ProgressBar and ImageList controls.
See the complete list of
supported features.


The VB Converter Toolbar 


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 or 6.0
  • Java 1.1 or Java 2. Java 2 v1.5 is recommended and for most applications at least v1.4 is required.
  • Many applications will also need the Diamond Control Suite.
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or later, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP 
  • 7 MB disk space


  • Generates Java source (entirely all Java, no native code used) and byte code from Visual Basic projects (modules, classes, controls, and forms). 
  • Converts entire Visual Basic (3.0, 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0) applications to Java. Runs as an add-in to VB 5 & 6. Also runs as a command-line tool for VB 3 through 6.
  • Converted code can run as either a Java applet or as a stand-alone Java application depending on how the application was started up.
  • Converts ActiveX controls written within Visual Basic to Java code. 
  • Supports over 70 Visual Basic controls and objects including Data, Adodc, Menu, Windows Common Controls (ProgressBar, ImageList, ListView, TreeView, etc.), FlexGrid, Grid, DBGrid, DataGrid, DBList, DBCombo, SSTab, and the ThreeD controls. 
  • Converts the picture resources stored in the binary frx file to jpeg images.
  • Allows debugging of Java applications within Visual Basic or any Java IDE (Borland JBuilder, Symantec VisualCafe, Oracle JDeveloper, and others). 
  • Migrates DAO, RDO or ADO database access into Java database access using JDBC and a Java implementation of the ADO objects. 
  • Supports Data Bound controls. Now you can quickly develop Java database applications.
  • Adds Java database support (JDBC), facilitating the creation of Java applets that can access data on Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix and other databases. 
  • Supports all Visual Basic data types, including Variant, Enum, Object and Collection. 
  • Supports creating VB interfaces using the Implements keyword.
  • Automatic type casting and conversion to the native Java data types.
  • Supports local file I/O. 
  • You have a choice of generating Java 1.1 applications using AWT (thin client) or Java 2 applications using swing based controls. A technology preview of generating Java 2 applications using using SWT so you can take advantage of Lotus Expeditor from IBM is also available. For more details on the SWT choice.
  • Customizable conversion rules. If you want to add the ability to convert new controls or functions or want to change how the conversion is done, you simply change a few simple conversion rules.
  • Runtime Java classes may be distributed royalty free once you purchase the product.

Click the button to download a free VB Converter 30-day trial version. The trial version is limited to 2 Forms, 1 Class, and 1 code module. You may not deploy any code with this version until you purchase a license to the product.

New release is packed with new features.

Check out the sample applets along with the Visual Basic source and the converted Java code. You might also want to look a the documentation on-line.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and
the list of supported features. If you have requirements that
VB Converter does not currently satisfy,
we'd like to hear from you (please contact us).

Licensing and Pricing: Each license entitles you to convert and deploy up to 10,000 lines of code. You will need to purchase multiple licenses if you need to convert more lines of code than this. You can convert the same files multiple times just so long you only use the output (Java code from converted files) from the last time the files are converted.

There are a couple of utilites available to count the number of lines of code in your VB project. The easiest way is to launch the CheckVB utility from the VB Converter add-in toolbar. The CheckVB.exe utility can also be found in the install directory and can be run from the command-line. Another way to is use wc.exe, which is a simple utility to count the number of lines of codes and is available to download.

If you have used certain controls such as ListView, TreeView, Winsock and various Grid controls then you will also need to purchase a license of Diamond Control Suite for each developer. Pricing is available on the on-line ordering page.

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