VB Converter

Table Of Contents

VB Converter: An Overview
Java Database Connectivity
Understanding JDBC
How JDBC Works
Using JDBC Data Sources and Database URLs
Java Remote Method Invocation
Java Remote Method Invocation Architecture
Installing VB Converter
System Requirements
About this Guide
Using VB Converter
VB Converter Toolbar
VB Converter Options
Environment Tab
Database Tab
General Tab
About Tab
Supported Features, Controls, and Functions (Swing and AWT mode)

Supported Features, Controls, and Functions (SWT mode)
Java Database Connectivity Guide
Defining JDBC Drivers and Data Sources
Viewing JDBC Data Sources
Setting the VB Database API
Adding JDBC Drivers to VB Converter
Adding JDBC Data Sources to VB Converter
Generating a Java Database Applet
Converting VB Code into Java Source Code
Troubleshooting Java Conversion Problems
Running the Generated Java Applet
Viewing the Generated Java Data Access Code
Visual Basic JDBCGetRecordSet Procedure
JDBC Data Access Code
Changing the JDBC Driver in the generated code
Generating a Java Applet and a Java Application
Generate a Java Applet/Application From a VB Project
Run as a Java Applet
Run as a Stand-alone Java Application
Support For User Defined Types
Deploying your Java Applets and Applications
The Classes Directory And It's Contents
Server-side File I/O
Debugging in a Java IDE
Guidelines, Troubleshooting, and FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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