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ASP2JSP, The ASP to JSP Converter

ASP2JSP is specifically designed for organizations wanting to convert Active Server Pages (ASP) applications to Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java including the VBScript code, VB modules (.bas) and classes (.cls files).


  • Generates JSP pages from ASP pages (using VBScript)
  • Generates Java classes from COM objects developed in Visual Basic
  • Supports built-in ASP Objects: Application, Cookie, Request, Response, ScriptingContext, Server, Session
  • Converts ASP applications and VB projects containing the modules and classes used to implement any COM objects used in the ASP pages.
  • Command-line tool (convert all files *.asp at once)


  • Application server or web server supporting JSP v1.1 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or later or Windows NT 4.0 or later
  • 2 MB disk space


  • Application server or web server supporting JSP v1.1 or later
  • Java 2 SDK (v1.2 or higher)

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and
the list of supported features. Check out the samples along with the ASP source and the converted JSP code. You might also want to look a the documentation. If you have requirements that ASP2JSP does not currently satisfy,
we'd like to hear from you (please contact us).

Click the button to download a free ASP2JSP trial version. 
Trial version is a 30-Day evaluation, limited to 1 ASP file and
1 include file and a total of 500 lines of code.

New release is packed with new features.

Licensing and Pricing: Each license entitles you to convert and deploy up to 10,000 lines of code. You will need to purchase multiple licenses if you need to convert more lines of code than this. You can convert the same files multiple times just so long you only use the output (converted files) from the last time the files are converted. Also, include files only need to be counted once even though they may be included multiple times.

There are a couple of utilites available to count the number of lines of code in your application. The CheckVB.exe utility can be found in the install directory and can be run from the command-line. Another way to is use wc.exe, which is a simple utility to count the number of lines of codes and is available to download.

Pricing is available on the on-line ordering page.

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