Deploying your JSP Applications




Java Server Pages (JSP)

The files needed on the web server include all the JSP files and Java class files that were generated from the ASP and VB modules and the Diamond Edge Java classes which were installed (See below).

Deploying Diamond Edge Java Classes

All or some of the Diamond Edge classes are necessary in order for your generated JSP pages to function properly. All of the files in the diamondedge.vb, diamondedge.asp and diamondedge.ado Java packages are royalty free to distribute with your application once you have purchased a license to ASP2JSP. The diamondedge.* packages are contained in the asp.jar file which was installed in the directory you installed ASP2JSP into.

To get your application to be loaded from a Java application server, you must copy the JSP files and all of the compiled Java files that have a .class extension to the destination directory. You must also copy the asp.jar from the <installdir> directory into the appropriate directory on the server.

If you were deploying test.jsp which uses the mypackage.TestObj Java class onto the tomcat server then you should have something like the following in the web server directory for your tomcat context directory: