ASP2JSP Overview








ASP2JSP seamlessly converts Active Server Pages (ASP) and Visual Basic (VB) code into JSP/Java code which can leverage your VB programming skills and the resources of the Java platform on many different platforms. The automatically generated JSP and Java code can be deployed on commercial Web sites and corporate intranets running many different operating systems such as Solaris, Linux, HP/UX, AIX, etc.

ASP2JSP also supports Java Database Connectivity (abbreviated JDBC) so you can easily create Java applets that can access data on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and other popular database servers.

NOTE: Refer to the ASP2JSP SupportedFeatures.html document for details on supported ASP and Visual Basic features. This information will assist you in converting your ASP pages and Visual Basic modules and classes to Java successfully. 

Installing ASP2JSP

To install ASP2JSP, run the executable you downloaded. Then run the Setup.Exe that was automatically extracted from the downloaded .exe. When installing ASP2JSP, by default a C:\Program Files\ASP2JSP directory is created where the files will be installed. ASP2JSP is a command-line utility. To run it, change directories and type in the following from a command prompt:

    asp2jsp *.bas *.cls *.asp

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to run ASP2JSP are Windows 95 (or higher) or Windows NT 4.0 (or higher) environment. In addition you need the following development tools:

Java Compiler. To compile Java source code, you need a Java compiler. Java v1.1.8 or higher is required. Some functions will require Java 2 v1.2 or higher. One is available from Sun at:

JSP-Enabled Web Server. To serve the JSP pages your web server will need JSP v1.1 or higher (some functions will require v1.2 or higher). Tomcat (the Sun/Apache reference implementation of JSP and Java Servlets) is available at: