Using Access Converter
VB Edition




Access Converter is an Add-in to Microsoft Access. It converts Access Forms, Code Modules, and Classes completely to Visual Basic. Access Reports can also be converted to Crystal Reports.

To start Access Converter, click on the Tools menu, then Add-Ins->Access Converter menu item. The Access Converter Dialog will open which will allow you to start the conversion process.

Access Converter Dialog

Figure 3: Access Converter Dialog

Convert to VB
The Convert to VB button performs the actual conversion from Access to VB. Access Converter will first convert all of the Access Forms and modules and then add them to a Visual Basic project by the same name as the database. Next the reports will be converted. Then the VB project will be converted to VB. During the compilation, a report window displays the progress and the final status of the conversion process including the number of files successfully compiled. During the conversion, an Access window will open up for each module it is converting. Do not click a mouse button while these windows are opening and closing.

After the conversion is completed, the VB code will be located in the same directory as the database.

Access application of significant size may have used features that are not supported. These lines are usually commented out in the VB code. The comment starts with 'unsup. These lines of code will need to be converted by hand. Note: not all of the unsupported lines of code will be commented out. There may be additional ones that need to be modified by hand.

The on-line help system (this file) is a useful tool which provides instant access to information designed to assist you in the use of Access Converter. It also contains all of the supported Access and VBA features.

Options Tab

Several options can be modified through this tab. See the Options Tab help. You can also open the AccessConverter.ini file located in the windows directory in a text editor to modify the conversion options.



About Tab

The About Tab provides version information and the serial number.