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VB Converter, Java Edition
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on VB to Java Conversion

"...of 7,000 software development projects started since 1990, 50% have been late, 30% have been incomplete and 55% have been over budget."

- Selling Power, 11/12/97 pg. 72

VB Converter can significantly decrease application development time and costs.

Use the VB Converter Cost Justification Wizard below to calculate the time and money that you could save on your next project.


Project Scope
Size of project (approx. # of lines of code):
Estimated # of lines coded per week, per consultant/developer (40 hr week):
# of lines coded per hour (per consultant/developer):
Total hours to rewrite entire project:
Total weeks to rewrite entire project:

Manpower Requirements
Hourly rate (consultant/developer):
# of hours per project:
Salary per consultant per project:

*Lines coded refers to time required to code, run, debug

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