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VB Converter, Java SWT Edition

VB Converter add-in is specifically designed for organizations wanting to convert entire VB applications to Java and SWT in order to take advantage of Eclipse's Rich Client Platform (RCP) and IBM's Lotus Expeditor (previously known as WebSphere Everyplace Deployment).

A "Technology Preview" of the SWT code generation is currently available as part of the currently shipping VB Converter, Java Edition. This version will allow you to preview what the tool can do in generating RCP/SWT applications. Until it is released we recommend you use our Migration Services to migrate your application to Java using SWT and RCP. It is a turnkey service that will return back to you an application that is functionally identical and nearly identical in look and feel. We will use our tools to reduce the level of effort required to migrate your applications to Java/SWT and IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Deployment which will typically cut down the time by an order of magnitude saving you a lot of time and money. Please contact us for more information on our Migration Services.

Click the button to download a free VB Converter 30-day trial version. The trial version is limited to 2 Forms, 1 Class, and 1 code module. You may not deploy any code with this version until you purchase a license to the product.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
The SWT/RCP version will support a similiar set of controls and features as is enumerated in the list of supported features using Java Swing components.

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